What to Do After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident 

Accidents are unforeseen and despite being super careful while driving, there might be some other random driver who is overconfident with his/her driving skills. Their overconfidence gives them an adrenaline rush to speed drive, which mostly ends up in an accident, harming the other innocent party. 

Whatever may be the reason, you shall always have a backup plan. Accidents are strictly bonded with state laws and not knowing what to do when you face one can cause you a great hassle, despite you not being at fault. Therefore, to protect you from such an unfortunate incident, we present you the crucial steps that are to be taken as soon as you encounter a car crash. 


  • Call the Police & Check for Injuries 


Right after you experience an accident, if you are in your senses then instantly check if you have got any major injuries. If so, then prevent moving and immediately dial 911 from your cellphone. On the contrary, if you feel alright then check if your passengers are fine. Help yourself and them out of the car and wait beside it for the police to arrive.

You might turn on the hazard lights for signaling other cars of the incident and turn off your engine for safety purposes. 


  • Keep Record of the Accident 


If you manage to take yourself and the passengers out, then start to click pictures of your car and the overall accident scene. These pictures may be handy and a concrete evidence of what had actually occurred. 


  • Exchanging Valuable Information 


We understand that it is pretty normal for you to be filled with rage and hatred for the driver against you. But going on a verbal or physical fight may make matters worse, and additional charges may be pressed upon you. Try to keep yourself composed and exchange information like your name, vehicle model and color, insurance information, license number and so on to stay on the safe side.


  • Inform the Insurance Company


After you are done with the above 3 steps, do not simply wait for the police to arrive. Utilize this time and call your respective insurance company to inform them about the damage. Be careful to not sign any documents provided by the insurance company of the driver against you. This might be a trap and you might have to pay for the damage you have not caused in the first place. Leave it to professional lawyers who deal with such complicated incidents frequently. Or, just wait till the police arrive and after that you may be asked to make important decisions regarding the accident. 


  • Visit a Doctor 


You might not be externally injured, but complications might arise deep inside your body. It is an apt move to visit a doctor post the accident and after being done with the legal formalities asked by the police. 

If you have not experienced an accident till date, then you are one lucky person! But, you would not want to be overconfident like the reckless drivers and neglect this piece of writing. Give it a good read and store these 5 steps in your mind. If not yourself, then you might be able to help a loved one in the near future if they face an unfortunate incident as such. 

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