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Intersection Accidents

The intersection is the point where roads from different directions meet and highway intersections bring together multiple roads along with traffic from opposing directions together. Highway interactions have led to a lot of car accidents in the past. This is where drivers should be extra alert while driving. As per the reports tracked by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), around 40% of crashes in the United States have happened at intersections.

Car drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians are all subjected to serious crashes in this scenario. But these crashes can be prevented by the drivers on road. The major cause of accidents at the intersection is the bad decisions taken by careless drivers.

Reasons for Intersection Accidents

Turning right, crossing over, or turning left, all these scenarios create potential situations for the conflicts that have resulted in literally millions of collisions every year. And out of these, around 96% of intersection accidents were actually caused by the error of the driver. Some of the most common mistakes made by driver are as follows:

  1. Inadequate surveillance (inattention)
  2. Turning with an obstructed view
  3. Distracted driving by the driver
  4. False assumption of actions of other drivers
  5. Misjudgment of gap or speed of other cars
  6. Illegal maneuver

As per the reports by NHTSA, intersection accidents are often caused by illegal maneuver or inattention. In left-turn accidents, the major causes were misjudging the gap between the vehicles or the speed of another vehicle and obstructed view. In right-turn accidents, incorrect assumption of actions of other drivers has led to the crashes.

Many young drivers of the age of 24 or lesser have also been involved in intersection accidents and the major cause of such unfortunate incidents were internal distractions, false assumption of actions of other drivers, speeding, aggressive driving, and external distractions.

Injuries from Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents are typically right-angle crashes or side-impact collisions. And the major cause of right-angle crashes is running the stoplights. And the injuries caused by these accidents are more severe because the impact received from the sides is less protected than from those front or rear accidents.

The victims in these cases can suffer several types of injuries like traumatic brain injury, spine & back injuries, neck injury, soft tissue injury, or even broken bones.

The Law Office of Matthew Shrum

Intersection accidents are legally actionable if they are caused by the recklessness and carelessness of a driver. The victims who have suffered serious losses have all the rights to seek compensation. If you are looking for advice in a similar kind of scenario, The Law Office of Matthew Shrum is here to help you!