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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Austin


The title can be quite shocking to you. That is because nursing homes are places which shall be dedicated towards providing its residence with ultimate love and care — especially because the residents are old and require tons of attention.

There are many people who get their old parents admitted to nursing homes so that they are not compromised of love, care and company. The old people are put into such homes mostly because their children or the people they live with fail to take proper care of them. It becomes difficult to allocate free time for ourselves from our busy schedules, let alone allocating time for the elderly family members.

Thus, they are admitted to nursing homes so that they can spend quality time with the other residents of the home, bond with them better due to being of the same age and be taken care of by the staff of the home. This is how the entire setup of a nursing home is supposed to be like, but sadly, a dark and pathetic reality lurks beneath the friendly atmosphere they tend to showcase to the entire world.

This definitely is not the case with all nursing homes, but there are a few which can mistreat its residence and do exactly the opposite of what it is expected to do. If your parents or someone close to you admitted in a nursing home, then we would like to request you to double-check whether they are victims of nursing home abuse.

If so, then the first thing you shall do is find a lawyer to sue the nursing home and bring justice to your loved one.

Signs that Your Loved Ones are Unhappy in the Nursing Home 

To see whether the nursing home is serving your parent or family member the right way, it is a must for you to frequently visit them and ask them about how they are doing. Sometimes, they may fail to open up to you regarding the abuse, which is why it becomes your responsibility to look into matters closely and look for clues to figure out what is actually going on.

For example, if you see a sudden change in the behavior of your loved one during their stay in the home, then this might be a sign that he/she is not being properly treated by the staff in there. They might complain about the services of the home, be lost in their own thoughts while you talk to them, be scared to talk openly to you and not show any enthusiasm in the recreational activities offered by the home.

While the above mentioned points can act as partial clues of your loved one being mistreated in the nursing home, some strong clues can be bruises in the body, the person looking pale, dehydrated and lean (lack of proper food).  Other signs may include messy and unclean rooms, dirty bedsheets and lack of proper furnishing. Your parent or elderly person that is staying in the home might also undergo unnecessary mood swings due to the abuse they have to go through.

If you see any signs of abuse, lack of care or mistreatment in the nursing home then immediately remove your loved one from there. Bring them home, give them unconditional love and encourage them to talk to you about how they have been doing in the home and whether they were mistreated, abused or neglected.

While bringing them home, you can take pictures or a mental note of the signs of abuse that you notice in the nursing home. Afterwards, if you are fully able to confirm it from your loved one, then you can provide these evidences to your lawyer for them to effectively charge the nursing home for its wrongdoings.

How a Lawyer Can Help 

By hiring a lawyer you can bring justice to your loved one who had been suffering from the cruel abuses in the nursing home. The lawyer will first analyze the case and inform you of your rights, and how you can take action against the unethical nursing home that has been mistreating your family member.

You can obviously sue them, but also make necessary claims. For instance, after suffering the abuse, the elderly person you admitted to the nursing home is most likely to undergo a mental trauma. If physical abuse has been done, then besides claiming for their medical treatment, you can also put the abusive staff behind bars to give them a taste of their own medicine.

The old person you get admitted to the nursing home can be your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. Whatever your relationship may be with that person, you would never want them to undergo abuses, neglect and mistreatment, especially at such a delicate phase of their lives.

Therefore, rather than opposing the nursing home all by yourself, it is best to have professional support from a lawyer. Due to their smart and spontaneous nature, lawyers can effectively interrogate and charge the staff and authority of the abusive nursing home and oblige them to pay for their crime against the elderly people.

By saving your loved one from a cruel nursing home and suing it, you will also be able to save the other abused residents of it who are too scared to speak for themselves. Thus, if you feel your family member is unhappy or is being mistreated by the nursing home you have put them into, then immediately contact a lawyer to gain full support in handling nursing home abuse cases.

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