Why Should I Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer If My Injuries Aren't Severe?

Why Should I Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer If My Injuries Aren’t Severe?

Accidents are always unexpected. When an accident occurs, the involved is injured or maybe affected in other ways. When you get injured in an accident due to someone’s fault, a feeling of getting compensated comes into your mind. If someone’s fault injures you, you will have to receive your medical expenses from that person, or you should file a claim with the person’s insurance or hire a lawyer to sue that person.

There is a wide variety of situations and different types of accidents that cover personal injury claims. Personal injury claims include been injured in a car accident, slipping and falling on someone’s property, or bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The level of injury makes a big difference to process your claim.

Personal Injuries

The human body responds very efficiently to an accidental situation. When an injury occurs to a person, certain chemicals, i.e., endorphins and adrenaline, are released by the body to give extra energy to the person to combat the pain.

But the thing is, this is only a temporary block of pain. It might take days or weeks for the extent of our injuries to become apparent. That is why getting medical attention right after the accident is recommended even injuries do not seem significant.

If anyone has caused this accident to you, it is your legal right to recover for your losses. Hiring a lawyer will make that happen to you.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Mostly, lawyers work in more than one area of law, but you need to identify a law firm specializing in personal injury law. Lawyers of these firms solely focus on personal injury law. These personal injury lawyers specialize in helping their clients who have been hurt due to the negligence of someone. So instead of hiring any lawyer that focuses on various areas of law at the same time, it is best to hire a lawyer who solely focuses on personal injuries.

Your Recovery Is A Priority

It would help if you had a personal injury lawyer; it is likely because you have been injured. To help return to yourself, you might be dealing with doctor’s visits and therapy treatments. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will be beneficial because they work tirelessly to ensure their accident victims get financially compensated. They do their best to make this compensation as smooth and quickly as possible.

Personal injury lawyer allows their client to access their vast network of connections to health practitioners and treatment centers to help them speed up their recovery process. Your personal injury lawyer will advocate, investigate, and prosecute during your recovery to ensure that you have made whole again.

To Understand Insurance

Although everyone has insurance, almost everyone has, but it is very confusing and complex, and not everyone understands it. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will make it easy for you to understand the insurance policy and complete high-level guidance about the insurance claim process.

Insurance companies that are multi-billion-dollar businesses try to settle these types of claims for less than it is worth. It is very important to have your injury lawyer who advocates for your rights and guarantee you access to insurance coverage.

Familiarity With Tribunals And Court System

If you are familiar with the courtroom, you might know that courtroom proceedings are confusing and formal. So, if you have hired an experienced personal injury lawyer, your entire litigation process will be managed for you by them.

When You Manage Your Case

When you attempt to handle your claim on your own and hire a lawyer, it will complicate the claim process. So you need to keep in your mind the consequences if you mishandle your case on your own. So if you are unsure about how to handle the case, you need to contact an attorney immediately after an accident for your injury. You cannot always sue the one who has caused you injury unless your injuries rise to a certain level.

When To Hire A Lawyer

Your lawyer is a professional who spends years and countless hours studying the particulars of the laws and gathers knowledge to represent their clients to the best of their abilities.

Many are reluctant to hire a lawyer for injuries that seem relatively minor. If you get into an accident and have few scrapes and minor bruises, you might feel that it is not worth hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Even if the other driver’s insurance company offers you to pay your medical bills and give a few hundred dollars to you for compensation, but there are few reasons for which you should consider consulting a lawyer, even for a seemingly minor injury.

There might be some injuries that you have thought as minor turn out to be worse, and you have already accepted a settlement offer, so there is nothing you can do then. Also, when the case went to court, the settlement will include pain and suffering and emotional distress damages by the jury.

There is no need to worry about paying legal fees. Due to the fees, many people are reluctant to hire a lawyer because these personal injury lawyers work on something called a contingency plan. According to this plan, personal injury lawyers will be paid their legal fees when they win or settle the case.

The Law Office of Matthew Shrum

The personal injury lawyers at The Law Office of Matthew Shrum are highly experienced. They are expert in aggressively pursuing the compensation that our clients deserve. Our lawyers have access to former nurses in their staff to represent accident victims, with an in-house medical library for their team. Contact us today to see how we can work for you!