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Truck Accident Lawyer Austin – Semi Truck Accident Attorney Travis county

Truck Accident Lawyer Austin – Semi Truck Accident Attorney Travis county

Of all the motor vehicle accidents happening on roads in US, truck accidents are the most devastating. A truck is 20 to 30 times heavier than an ordinary vehicle like a car or a bus. Therefore, as compared to car accidents, damages that occur in a truck related accident are multiplied in intensity and volume. If you are involved in a truck accident currently, it is vital that you urgently seek professional legal representation like Shrum Law Office. Our trained lawyers are fully equipped to guide you in navigating your way through the complicated net of legal proceedings that surround truck accidents.

A truck accident or car accident can be an overwhelming experience. The best course of action victims can adopt after a truck accident takes place is to wait for the police and official healthcare workers to arrive on the scene of the accident. The police officials will create detailed reports about the incident. However, it is advisable that, if possible, the afflicted person also gather preliminary evidence from the sight of the accident. This can include photographs, names and contact numbers of eye witnesses, notes about the accident, etc.

According to Texas laws, compensation can be claimed by truck accident victims for damage to different items/conditions. These include: current and future medical expenses – like doctor fees, surgery fees, hospital care, therapy costs, assistive devices’ costs, and more; loss of wages/earning capabilities – including the income the victim missed and the income he could have earned (for victims who incur a disability are unable to resume work); pain, suffering and anguish – including chronic pain, physical pain, bodily pain, fright, nervousness, anxiety, depression, etc.; and loss of consortium – allowances granted to loved ones of the victim.

For persons involved in a truck accident, it is important to gain an understanding of the major causes of truck accidents. The first major cause is driving errors. Statistics reveal that truck drivers often act recklessly while driving, and this causes the most accidents. Drivers make these errors due to the pressure they tend to receive from employers to complete mileage goals. Another leading cause of truck accidents is poor maintenance. Trucks are driven several hundred hours per week. If they do not undergo proper maintenance every now and then, they become dangerous and can cause accidents. Another cause of truck accidents is malfunctioning equipment. Defective parts inside a truck can lead to deadly accidents. If the cause of a truck accident is faulty equipment, other parties besides the driver may be held liable to provide coverage to the victim for damages. Truck accidents can also occur due to improper loading of cargo.

It is also imperative that persons who incurred damages during a truck accident gain an insight of some additional factors related to truck accidents; these factors are different from those involved in other motor vehicles. The first noteworthy factor is that, unlike a car accident, multiple parties may be liable to compensate for damages that occur during a truck accident. These include truck driver, truck owner, trucking company, company leasing the truck, truck/trailer/parts manufacturer, shipping/loading company, etc. The second noteworthy factor is that truck drivers often possess insurance coverage which is 50 times more than the amount of coverage car owners have. Mallon of dollars are at stake; thus in the aftermath of a road accident, truck insurance companies will adopt every measure they can to escape liability. They may also try to convince the victim to settle for a compensatory amount which is far less than what is sufficient.

Another important factor to consider is the sheer magnitude of damage that occurs during truck accidents. As mentioned earlier, trucks are 30 to 40 times bigger and heavier than other vehicles; thus, the property damage that occurs during a truck accidents is a many times more than that happening in a car accident. Similarly, injuries incurred during a truck accident are more severe and can often prove to be life changing. They often involve intensive care, prolonged treatments and large medical bills. Also, victims of truck accidents are usually rendered unable to work for extended time periods. Another vital factor involved in truck accidents is death. According to statistics, 3000 to 5000 truck accident related death occur in US every year. These factors make it inevitable that you – the victim– have trusted legal support and guidance like the car accident lawyer at Shrum Law Office at your side after a truck accident.

Lawsuits filed to receive compensation after a truck accidents fall under three main categories. The first category includes negligence lawsuits. These lawsuits are based on claims that the injuries and damages a victim incurred during a truck accidents were due to the driver’s negligence. Examples of negligence include: overloading trucks, failure to see other smaller vehicles, driver’s fatigue, unqualified driver, failure to properly train/supervise/monitor driver, and others. The second category includes product liability lawsuits. If the accident occurs due to a defect in the truck or one of its parts, product liability laws apply meaning truck manufacturers and retailers are held liable for covering the damages. The third category comprises of wrongful death lawsuits. Under these, the family members of a deceased victim are allowed to claim various forms of compensation for loss of their loved one.

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As a team of dedicated legal experts, our personal injury attorneys at the Shrum Law Office have several procedures and methodologies in place to ensure every case results in a favorable outcome. Once the victim of a truck accident recruits our services, our attorneys will immediately start gathering case related evidence such as eye witness accounts, photographs of the scene, detailed physical examination of the vehicle, camera footage, medical records, police records and more. Also, our lawyers will closely work with experts from other fields like forensic specialists, medical experts and engineers to determine the circumstances of the accidents and the level and extent of damages that followed.

After the evaluation process is complete, our attorneys are open to conducting out-of-courtroom negotiations or take your case to trial – whichever course is best suited to restoring the physical, financial and emotional wellbeing of you and your family.

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