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Truck accidents caused severe damage compared to other vehicle accidents due trucks being 20 to 30 times heavier than buses and cars. Injuries due to truck accidents are multiplied in volume and intensity. It is essential to seek legal professional representation if you are involved in a truck accident. At The Law Office of Matthew Shrum, we have skilled lawyers who will help you walk through the legal proceedings involving truck accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after a truck accident?

The first thing is to wait for the police and healthcare to arrive at the accident scene. The law will gather detailed information or evidence about the accident. If the victims are not severely hurt they can also gather evidence by taking photos, contacts, and names of the victims and eyewitnesses and notes about the incident. This is important since it will act as evidence when filing for a personal injury claim against the person at fault or the insurance company.

Texas laws state that the victims can claim compensation for damage to different items or conditions. These include current and future medical expenses – like doctor fees, surgery fees, hospital care, therapy costs, assistive devices’ costs, and more. Loss of wages/earning capabilities – including the income the victim missed and the payment he could have made (for victims who incur a disability cannot resume work). Pain, suffering, and anguish – including chronic pain, physical pain, bodily pain, fright, nervousness, anxiety, depression, etc.; and loss of consortium – allowances to the victim’s loved ones.

What are the causes of truck accidents?

Driving errors is one cause of truck accidents due to the drivers’ pressure to complete mileage goals. Poor maintenance is another reason; trucks are driven for long hours, and if not given proper maintenance every time and then, they may cause an accident. Faulty parts inside the vehicle can cause a deadly accident. Improper loading of cargo is another cause of a truck accident.

Who is liable in a truck accident lawsuit?

Several parties can be involved in a single truck accident; hence multiple people can be held responsible. In Shrum Law Office, our lawyers will investigate to determine who is at fault and ensure parties responsible are held accountable.

How long do I have to file a claim?

A victim has two years from the day of the accident to file for a personal injury claim. However, there is no point in waiting; the earlier you file your request, the higher the chance of getting compensated.

What damages can I seek in a truck accident lawsuit?

Victims can pursue compensation for all their losses: financial, emotional, physical, and professional. They include medical expenses, property damage, lost earning capacity, lost income, emotional and physical suffering, and pain. Family members of a killed victim in a truck accident are legally eligible to file for a wrongful death lawsuit. Damages, in this case, can include loss of benefits, loss of companionship, or projected future income.

Lawsuits filed to receive compensation after an accident is in three categories; the first is negligence lawsuits. These are based on claims damages, and injuries to a victim were due to the driver’s negligence, examples: failure to see smaller vehicles, overloading, driver’s tiredness, the driver is unqualified, failure to properly train/supervise or monitor a driver. The second category is product liability lawsuits; if an accident happens due to defection in the truck or one of its parts, truck retailers and manufacturers are responsible for covering the damages. The third category falls under wrongful death lawsuits, where if a loved one is killed in the accident, the family members can claim compensation.

Should I accept an insurance settlement for my truck accident?

If you accept a settlement with an insurance company, you say goodbye to your right of getting compensated under a personal injury lawsuit. Payments from insurance companies are mostly not enough to cover the damages. An experienced truck accident lawyer makes sure you get paid for making a full recovery from the damage done.

What are the factors to consider in a truck accident?

The factors to consider in a truck accident are different from other motor vehicle accidents. First is, multiple people may be reliable to compensate for the damage; they include truck owner, truck driver, company leasing the truck, trucking company, truck/trailer/parts manufacturer, loading/shipping company, etc.

The second factor is that truck drivers have an insurance cover 50 times more than that of a car owner. Truck insurance companies may find every way to escape the liability and convince the victim to settle for a compensatory amount that may be far less than what is required by law.

Another factor to consider is the amount of damage that happens after the accident. As we mentioned earlier, trucks are 20 to 30 times heavier and bigger than other vehicles; hence the damage will be more than that of other vehicles. Additionally, truck accidents incur more severe injuries like large medical bills, intensive care, and prolonged treatments. Victims may be unable to work for a long time. Death is another factor, according to statistics, 3000 to 5000 truck accident-related death occurs in the US every year.

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Our dedicated personal injury lawyers at The Law Office of Matthew Shrum have several procedures and methodologies to ensure every case results in a favorable outcome. Immediately, when as a victim recruits our services; our lawyers will right away start gathering case-related evidence. Such as photographs of the accident, eyewitnesses information, detailed physical examination of the vehicle, police and medical records, camera footage, etc.

Our attorneys will also work with experts in other fields like medical experts, forensic specialists, and engineers to determine the accident’s cause and the damage level. After the evaluation process, our lawyers are open to conduct out of court negotiations or take your case to trial. Whichever way they find best to restore the financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing of you and your family.

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