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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Austin – Travis County Bike Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Austin – Travis County Bike Accident Attorney

The recent years have witnessed an increase in number of registered motorcyclists in the state of Texas. The increase has been matched by an equal increase in motorcycle related accidents on roads. Motorcyclists are perhaps the most vulnerable vehicle drivers on roads. Statistical data reveals that motorcyclists are five times more likely to incur injuries from road accidents than drivers of other vehicles like cars, buses or trucks. Absence of a physical barrier like the exterior of a car means that you – the rider – face a constant risk of being hit and incurring heavy injuries. If you are currently faced by these unfortunate circumstances, you urgently require trusted legal support like the one Shrum Law Office extends to all its clients.

As a law firm, Shrum Law Office has a track record of handling motorcycle accident claims successfully. What our lawyers can do for victims of motorcycle accidents varies with each case depending on damages, the amount and intensity of physical injuries and the unique circumstances of each case. However, we are fully committed to helping afflicted motorcyclists obtain the maximum possible compensation.

Texas laws stipulate that a motorcycle driver is entitled to receive compensation for physical damages and bodily injuries which occur due to the negligence of other drivers. It is a widely held belief that if a motorcyclist is involved in a road accident, the motorcycle driver is usually at fault. However, this belief is not based in facts. Motorcycle accidents may occur due to negligent behaviors of other parties. Instances of negligence displayed by other road drivers include aggressive driving, drunk driving, lane change mistakes, over-speeding, failure to yield, failure to respect motorcyclists’ rights, and others.

Other parties who may be responsible for causing the motorcycle accident include the following. A government agency may be indirectly responsible for losses you incur during an accident due to conditions like poor maintainer of roads, holes in asphalt, overgrowth, faded sings and marks, missing road and traffic signs, etc. Other parries who may be potentially liable for payment of damages include motorcycle manufacturers and motorcycle retailers. Motorcycle with defective parts or faulty equipment are also a major cause of severe accident leading to substantial losses of life and property.

As part of the process of building a valid case for afflicted clients, experienced motorcycle accident lawyers take some or all the following steps. These include: collecting sight reports, police reports and scene photographs, interviewing eye witnesses, examining the other driver’s driving history, recreate the accident to gain a deep understanding of the accident, consult other experts, negotiate with insurance companies, and others. Coverage can be obtained from the opposing party for the following types of damages. The victim can file a claim demanding compensation for past and future medical expenses including surgery, hospital care, and rehabilitation support. Claims can be drawn for all lost wages or income a victim would earn if the accident had not occurred. Compensation can also be sought for mental anguish and physical pain. Physical pain may be compensated in light of factors like severity of injuries and the level of pain experienced. Mental anguish includes feelings of nervousness, anxiety and grief. If an accident leads to death of a motorcyclist due to the negligence of another party, close family members like parents, spouse and children can also claim compensation for emotional damages like loss of love, affection and companionship.

In the aftermaths of a motorcycle road accident, it is imperative that the driver undergoes a thorough medical examination. Also, it is advisable that after an accident the motorcyclist saves as much preliminary data from the accident sight as he/she can. This can include names of witnesses, note of weather conditions, pictures from the sight, license plate number, etc. Also, the victim should consider keeping notes of the damaging impact the accident had on his life like: keeping notes about feeling depressed or anxious, recording pain levels on a scale from 1 to 10 and logging the social events the family missed. Medical records, sight details, record of your own feelings – all of these will serve as valuable testimony which can later be used during legal proceedings.

During a road accident, a motorcyclist can incur a variety of bodily injuries. The first item on the list of potential injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident is traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These usually occur when the rider’s head hits the ground, another vehicle or an object.  Brain injuries can result in critical symptoms which last for month. Serious brain injuries can result in different disabilities which last for life. The next item on the list of motorcycle accident injuries are spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can be devastating and life altering experiences. Spinal cord injuries often damage the communication system that transmits signals between the spinal cord and the brain. This leads to excruciating pain, numbness, loss of motor functions, and complete paralysis. Another common type of injury motorcycle riders incur due to motorcycle accidents includes soft tissue injuries. Such injuries cause damage to soft tissues of the body like membranes, skins, muscles, tendon, ligaments and more. These injuries lead to issues like internal bleeding, scarring, disfigurement, chronic pain, and others.

In Texas, claims for physical injury and other damages caused during a motorcycle accident or car accident can be settled with the insurance company in-person or the afflicted party can go to court. Even if you want an in persons settlement, It is important to note that insurance companies will try to take advantage of your ignorance and use various tactic to ensure that you receive minimum possible amount in compensation. Thus, whether you are planning to go to court or settle in-person after a road accident, you need constant guidance from experienced legal personnel like our attorneys at Shrum Law Office.

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