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Dog Bite Attorney Lawyer Austin – Travis County Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog Bite Attorney Lawyer Austin – Travis County Dog Bite Lawyer

Pets are an integral part of the American household. In most homes, they are treated like members of the family; however, they could still be dangerous. Animal attack especially attacks from dogs are quite common. Report of dog bites and dog bite injuries have been on the rise, throughout the US. In Texas, around 2000 cases of dog bites are reported every year on average.

You can become the victim of a dog attack anywhere – on the street, in a public park, on private property, and even in the dog’s own house. People of all ages are susceptible to dog-bite attacks and injuries resulting from them. Studies reveal that children become victims of these unfortunate incidents more than adults.

When it comes to dog bite laws, Texas follows the “one-bite rule”. This means that the owner is not automatically responsible for a violent attack made by his pet. If the dog bites another person for the first time, the owner cannot be held liable for covering damages. According to this rule, if one of the following points can be proven, only then the injured person can file claim for damages. These points are: a) the owner had knowledge of his dog biting another person previously; b) the injury occurred due to the negligence displayed by the dog owner; c) leash laws were violated; or d) the dog owner’s intent was involved in bringing about the injury. It is important to note that Texas laws set a restriction on the time you have to file claim for damages you incurred during a dog bite. You have two years to pursue legal action after a dog bite. If the two-year limitation expires, victims lose their right to pursue legal action.

Dog bites can be hurtful, both physically and psychologically. Many dog bites cause injuries which need extensive care. Dog bites may also render victims unfit for work for an extended time period. They can also cause disabilities. The victim of a dog bite can hold the owner responsible for compensating all of these damages. Claims for compensation can include the following items: medical expenses, loss in income/wages, physical disabilities, disfigurement, scarring and pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and others.

Common injuries resulting from a dog bite include: infections, lacerations, scarring, bodily pain, soft tissue damage, tissue damage, broken bones, paralysis, amputation, and others. Some law firms only accept cases where the bite of a dog has caused intense bodily damage. However, Shrum Law Office is dedicated to helping its every client receive rightful share of compensation – big or small – for the damage he/she incurs.

Being bitten by a dog can be a painful experience. Your opponent and his attorneys/insurance agents will undertake every measure within their power to ensure they escape liability. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Austin such as Shrum Law Office as your legal representation will give you the time to heal, while our team of legal experts seamlessly handles the complicated details of your case. Our goal is to hold careless dog owners liable, reimburse the damage you incurred, and help you return to your normal life in no time.

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