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In an American household, it is essential to own a pet, and in most homes, they are seen as a family member. However, they can be dangerous, especially attacks from dogs which are common. In the US, reports on dog attacks have increased; yearly, Texas report around 2000 cases of dog bites. You can be attacked by a dog anywhere – on the street, in a public park, on private property, or even in the dog’s own house. People of all ages are prone to dog bites, attacks and injuries. Studies show that children are the most susceptible victims to dog attacks than adults.

Frequently asked questions about a dog bite.

What does our law state about dog bites?

According to Texas dog bite laws, it follows the “one-bite rule,” which means the owner is not automatically responsible for his/her dog’s attack. If a dog bites a person for the first time, the owner cannot be held responsible for covering for the damages. An attacked person can only file for damages when the following points can be proved according to Texas state laws. The points are:

a) The owner had knowledge of his dog biting another person previously.

b) The injury occurred due to the negligence displayed by the dog owner.

c) Leash laws were violated.

d) The dog owner’s intent was involved in bringing about the injury.

It is also important to note that the Texas laws set time for a victim to file a claim for damages, two years from the day of the dog attack. If the two years expires, the victim is not allowed to file a claim.

What are the effects to a victim after a dog attack?

Dog bites are hurtful psychologically and physically; they cause injuries that require extensive care. Dog bites may cause disability or render the victim unfit to work for an extended period. The victim can hold the dog owner responsible for all these damages and has to be compensated. Compensation claims can include the following items: medical expenses, loss in income/wages, physical disabilities, disfigurement, scarring and pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and others. Major injuries due to dog bites/attacks are infections, lacerations, scarring, bodily pain, soft tissue damage, broken bones, paralysis, amputation, etc.

What should I do if a dog bite has injured me?

It is the legal right for every person attacked or witness a dog attack to take necessary action to stop the attack. Victim should take the following steps to protect their rights:

  • Ask for names and contact information from the dog’s owner and any available witness/witnesses.
  • Seek medical care if needed and keep detailed medical records of all expenses.
  • Report the incident to animal control
  • Look for any previous records of attacks by the dog

Is the dog owner liable?

In most cases, the owner is held responsible for any injuries or property damages the dog might have caused. As discussed earlier, the victim has to prove some points to file for a claim for the dog’s damages or injuries. The following laws can be used to insist for liability on the dog owner:

  • Statue of the dog bite: most states’ laws hold the dog owner responsible for any injury or property damage due to the dog’s attack.
  • Negligence laws: dog owners can be held responsible for any injuries or property damage due to the dog owner’s negligence to control their animal.

What type of damages is the dog owner liable for?

Victims of severe dog bites/ injuries are eligible to receive financial compensation for any of the following damages:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

Do I need a dog bite lawyer?

It is noted that, unfortunately, 1% and minor dog bite victims receive compensation for their injuries or property damages because their claims are under-compensated or denied by insurance companies. Statistics report that victims with legal representations get 3 to 5 times compensation than victims who deal with insurance companies.

Suppose a dog has injured your loved one. In that case, it is essential to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive the required financial compensation you legally deserve.

How can I protect myself and my children from a dog attack?

Before petting a dog, ask for permission from the owner; if the owner agrees, let the dog look at you and sniff you before touching it. If an unfamiliar dog approaches, stay calm and still and avoid sudden movements. Always supervise your children when playing with a dog, even with a familiar one. Do not disturb a barking dog, growling, sleeping, feeding its puppies, or eating.

What should dog owners do to prevent their dogs from biting?

Dog owners should always use a leash when taking their dogs out in public, even around the neighborhood. Slowly introduce a new dog to people and other pets. Dog owners should always provide exercise to their dogs, especially if they are in the house for an extended period. You can enroll your dog in training classes if necessary. Keep the dog away from people if it is not feeling well or seems irritable.

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