Texting and Driving

Why You Should Never Text and Drive

Distracted driving is becoming a major threat when you are on the road. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, people are more tempted to take their eyes off-road when they are driving. Drivers should at all times stay active when they are driving and not even a small bit should contribute to the plague of distractions. Drivers should accept the responsibility for safe driving as this can not only save their life but can save the lives of others too.

Here we are the reasons why you should never text and drive.

Distracted Drivers Endanger Innocent Drivers

The major reason for not texting and driving is that it kills people. This is not an infrequent occurrence or a remote possibility. If you will see the statistics, you will know that approximately eight people are killed every day because of distracted driving in the US.

You Can be Charged with Homicide for Texting and Driving

Texting & Driving can lead you to legal trouble. This can result in homicide charges. These charges vary as per the region you are in. In Florida, it can charge the person at fault with vehicular homicide.

Texting and Driving is Illegal

Even if the driver at fault is not charged with homicide charges, he may have to face other legal consequences. The faulty driver can be charged with a criminal case like reckless driving and can face traffic tickets too. Not just that, it can also lead to administrative sanctions like points on a driver’s license and hefty fines.

Text Messages Can be Used Against You in a Court of Law

If you get involved in a car accident where you were at fault because of texting and driving, then that particular text message will be used as evidence against you. Your phone records will be considered to see if you were making or receiving text messages or phone calls just before the crash. Your private phone numbers, messages, and account information could all become public records when introduced in a lawsuit. This lack of privacy is another consequence of distracted driving that should be avoided.

The Law Office of Matthew Shrum

If you are someone who has been in an accident due to distracted driving by others, that driver must be held accountable for all the injuries that he has caused. By filing a claim with an injury attorney, you are not only protecting your legal rights but are also discouraging other drivers to do so which can save lives. Get in touch with The Law Office of Matthew Shrum to protect your legal rights and receive compensation for all the losses and injuries you have faced.