Uninsured Driver

What To Do After an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

Car insurance is required for anyone who drives, so it’s reasonable to assume that others you see on the road are insured as well. This is beneficial so that everyone can be on the safe side should an accident occur. However, not everyone is cautious enough to have car insurance. There are many confident beings out there who think they are an excellent driver and are careful enough to not cause any accidents. But the sad part about it is that accidents can be pretty unfortunate, and no matter how good of a driver one may be, at the end of the day we all are human beings who are prone to making mistakes.

Ever wondered how you could tackle a situation where your car gets hit by an uninsured driver? Well, we do not want you to have negative thoughts before you get started on the road with your beloved vehicle, but the steps we are to lay out in this piece of writing can surely help you have a brief idea of tackling such an unfortunate situation, car accidents do happen.

Report the Incident

So, what if a car bumps into yours out of the blue? You get out of it and reach out to the driver who has hit you, only to learn that he does not have an insurance coverage. That can be a great shock for you to handle, and, you might immediately start thinking who would to pay for the damage caused to you and your car. If stuck in such a situation, the first thing you should do is call the police. Upon their arrival, you will see them reporting the entire event, which will later come to your benefit.

While the police are reporting the scene, without wasting any time the next thing you shall do is try and extract contact information from the driver you bumped into your car. Their name, cell phone number, and address are the three things that you must take from them, as these too will come into play later when you are filing for a claim.

Thirdly, try to keep record of some more information related to the accident. These may include the time of the event and the car models involved. You may also want to keep some information of the officer who reports the entire incident. You might ask for the name, or badge number from the reporting officer. To solidify your records, make sure you take pictures of the scene which includes the two cars and clearly shows any damage caused to them.

File a Claim

Once you are done bagging all the necessary information, you head out straight to your insurance office to file a claim. While explaining the entire scenario to them, highlight the fact that you were hit by a driver who does not carry an insurance coverage.

Remember how we mentioned the information you collected would be required by you at a later stage? Well, this is the stage where you would need to provide them all — to your insurance office while filing for a claim. They would ask you to make a report of your accident, so the pictures and time and date of the accident and the car models would have to be given out to you.

Your insurance company would also ask for the details of the driver who hit you, so that contact information you had collected would now be of use. To make your claim a concrete one, you may also mention how you had called the police to report the event and provide them with the details you had collected of the reporting officer.

Shrum Law Office

So, here is how you get to file a claim for an accident caused by an uninsured driver. But if you think the case is a bit too complicated to solve by yourself, then do reach out to Shrum Law Office for greater help. Our experienced lawyers can make sure you are fully compensated and provide you with endless support regarding your claim.