Slip & Fall Accident

What To Do After a Slip & Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can give you a big hassle and can be both physically and emotionally draining. However, these ill times are the ones when you are required to stay strong and have an immovable willpower within you. That is the prime thing that will help you to fight for your rights and succeed in claiming a well-deserved compensation for your injury. Thus, to make sure you put up a tough fight against the people who are guilty of your injury, we are going to shed light on some prime steps you should take immediately after you experience a slip and fall accident.

Collect Evidence

To begin with, as soon as you fall down and get injured, you might want to try and take snapshots of the place you fell down in. We understand that you might be in a terrible situation after you fall down, but if possible you must try to do so. You might also want to click pictures of your bruises and the area of injury. These pictures can act as a strong evidence of how you got injured due to the carelessness of the owner of the space which you fell down in.

Another thing you should take care of is the clothes you fell down in. Make sure you store them safely without washing them or interfering with them in any way. They may contain blood from your bruises or other marks which may be important to solidify the proof for getting your compensation. If possible, you may also try to involve the police in this case. Inform them so that they can report the situation since their reports will tend to hold greater value.

Visit a Doctor

Moving on, slip and fall accidents can cause painful injuries to your head, back, arms, shoulders, hips or any body part. Thus, you should do is immediately go see a doctor and get a full body checkup. This will help you understand the intensity of the injury, and the prescriptions and test reports will act as a vital proof in the process of attaining your claim.

File a Claim Before Settling

Moreover, if the owner of the house/company you fell down in offers you a sum of money for as compensation, then it is the best to not accept it. That is because they will always want to subdue the case and would always offer you a lesser amount than you deserve. Thus, sticking to the legal policies of attaining your claim is the best you can do. The doctors report, pictures of your bruises and the place you fell down in, the copy of the report noted by the police who got involved in this case, all of these pieces of information are to be kept in a safe and secured manner by you. Arrange a separate file to store these documents, which can also include a receipt of your medical bills. This therefore can be taken to your insurance office for filing a claim.

Shrum Law Office

However, things may not be as easy as we have stated in here, and upon facing any complications relating to your slip and fall accident you are always free to reach out to Shrum Law Office. Here, we have got expert lawyers to fight for your claim on your behalf. Taking helps from our experts can make this fight a lot easier for you and ensure that you attain your deserved compensation.