Car Accident

What Not To Do After a Car Accident

When you are on road, the thumb rule for staying safe is driving your vehicle in a defensive manner. However, in spite of driving in the safest way possible, certain incidents may happen that can’t be avoided by even the most seasoned driver out there. Due to any reasons, if you get involved in any such incident where an accident happened and you were not completely at fault, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind so as to avoid making mistakes that can lead you to trouble.

Leaving the Accident Site

The law mandates that all those who are involved in a car accident should stop their vehicle immediately instead of fleeing the spot. No matter what sort of damage is caused, whether it is a minor injury, death, or any sort of property damage; one must stay at the spot of the accident and report that to the police. Failure in doing so may lead to a heavy penalty.

Not Reporting to the Police

There’s a misconception in the mind of a lot of people that the incident should be reported to the police only if there’s a death or major injury. However, that is simply not true. One must always report the accident to the cops, irrespective of the kind of damages involved. An FIR is to be filed at the earliest as this can also turn out to be the crucial evidence while claiming car insurance as this single piece of the document includes all the details related to the accident like roads condition, names and contact details of witnesses, and complete description of how that accident happened.

Not Taking Complete Notes

A lot of people make the mistake of not noting down the complete information of the accident they got involved in. This in turn gives hard time when going for third-party claims. This is why, one must take pictures of the accident scene, note the names along with contact details of the parties involved.

Not Filing a Case

Seeking assistance from an accident attorney before approaching the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal is important for settling a claim.

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