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Speeding tickets are a common phenomenon. Almost every day you can see a driver getting a speeding ticket from a grumpy cop down the road. While this may seem a minor issue, it actually is not if you take a close look into it. This is because the annual sum collected via speeding tickets happens to be somewhere from $3-$8 billion, which happens to be a mighty sum. If you get a speeding ticket for the first time in your life, then there is nothing that you have got to worry about. We all are human beings and are prone to making mistakes, so exceeding the legal speed limit once or twice in your lifetime is very well justified.

However, having received multiple speeding tickets in the past can make things complicated for you. That is exactly when you should summon a speeding ticket lawyer who can make your case easier with their wit and knowledge in this field. In addition to that, you might also require a speeding ticket lawyer if you are given a speeding ticket without having exceeded the acceptable speed limit. You may not be able to argue about it in the middle of the road with the cop that is giving you the ticket, but you can sure drag it to the court to claim back your money. These are the two main reasons why speeding ticket lawyers are on demand.


Are speeding ticket cases lengthy?

In general, speeding ticket cases are not at all lengthy and are to be settled in a day or two. This is the reason why speeding ticket lawyers are able to fight for multiple, as many as 100 speeding ticket cases for different clients, each having their unique cases.

How much do speeding tickets cost?

The amount depends on the speed limit that you exceed. However, you can expect to pay around $150-$200 for speeding tickets.

Should I pay for my speeding ticket?

Well, if you are someone who is at fault for violating the traffic rule by exceeding the set speed limit, then paying for your speeding ticket without putting up arguments with the reporting cop is the best way to get away with it. Otherwise, the situation may worsen and the cop may place additional charges on you for being on the wrong side plus putting forward an ill behavior.

On the other hand, if you think you were following the safe speed limit and are not at fault, but still a speeding ticket is being given to you, then you must not accept it at any cost. Speak up for yourself by hiring a speeding ticket lawyer who can bring back your lost money to you.

How much will my speeding ticket lawyer charge me?

The money you give to your speeding ticket lawyer may vary from firm to firm. However, since speeding ticket cases are not always very complicated, the lawyers charge their clients affordably for their services. You can expect to pay some 100 to 200 bucks for a speeding ticket lawyer.

Will my speeding ticket lawyer refund my money?

Not all, but some speeding ticket lawyers are generous enough to provide their clients an attractive money-back guarantee upon failing to remove the speeding ticket from their records or not being able to lessen the fee amount.

Are speeding tickets negotiable?

Yes, speeding tickets are negotiable and this negotiation can be done in an effortless and swift manner by speeding ticket attorneys. They have got complete knowledge regarding this field and know all the loopholes which ultimately help them to negotiate speeding tickets for their clients. This process of negotiation may be made easier for the lawyer if their client is not at all at fault. Sometimes, they may also recover the full amount that you had paid for a speeding ticket which you did not deserve.

Can a speeding ticket fee be reduced if the driver is at fault?

Upon hiring a professional speeding ticket lawyer, the ticket fee may actually be reduced. Your lawyer can use their abundance of knowledge regarding speeding ticket cases and be able to reduce the ticket fee by pleading for a bargain, even if you are at fault for exceeding the required speed limit.

In a nutshell, speeding ticket lawyers can help you easily get out of a speeding ticket issue. You should seek help from a professional attorney simply because they are law experts and know a lot better than you. They have been in this business for years and have dealt with many minor and major issues related to speeding tickets, so their wit and experience can help them dismiss your speeding ticket if you are not guilty of exceeding the speed limit, or at least lower the fee amount if you were genuinely at fault.

Either ways, having a speeding ticket lawyer can be a win-win situation for you and enable you to save at least some of your money, if not all. After all, something is always better than nothing.

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Are you a resident of Austin, Texas? Have you been recently given a speeding ticket? Do you want to claim back your money because you think you were driving at a safe speed? If the answer to all the three questions asked above is a yes, then head out to Shrum Law Office to find yourself a professional, smart and straightforward speeding ticket lawyer who can help you in every step of your case. They can devote their time, energy and knowledge into making sure you are not at a loss at by the end of this case, and you get your deserved money back at any cost. Some speeding tickets can be really expensive to deal with and put a strain on your wallet. Therefore, to save yourself from the hassle of worrying too much about the money that has left your pocket in the form of a speeding ticket fee, consult your unique case with our lawyer to get your well-deserved money back.