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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Austin & Travis County

There are a lot of you who might not be aware of this term at all. Or, you may know what it is, but you may not have entire knowledge of how it is strongly bonded with your state law. Whatever the case, we at The Law Office of Matthew Shrum are here to fully break it down to you.

A slip and fall case occurs when you simply slip inside the resident which is owned by someone else, and get badly injured. A common example of it would be you falling down in your rented apartment and ending up with a terrible injury. Now, you do live there and you might think it was careless of you to have slipped, but you might be surprised to know that it may not actually be your fault in the first place.

Slip and fall accidents may occur due to the poor maintenance of the resident by its owner. It is the owner’s duty to make sure that the dwelling is safe for residing. Let us take a look at what may cause such kind of accident.

How You Might Experience an Injury

Despite living in a rented house, your house owner is responsible for making sure that it is properly maintained. You might do the basic household chores like cleaning and tidying up the house, however, the flooring, staircase or other basic interior installations must be taken care of by the owner of the dwelling. Here is how you can experience a slip and fall injury:

  • Fragile, uneven flooring
  • Low powered lights
  • Broken stairs or staircase handles
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Loose wires peeping coming out of the walls

These are some things that the owner of your house must take care of. If you get injured due to any of these maintenance failures, then the house owner is to be legally held responsible for the accident.

How We Can Help

The Law Office of Matthew Shrum has experienced lawyers who can help you deal with your house owner post the slip and fall case. Our lawyers may prevent insurance companies or your house owner taking advantage of your situation or blaming you for the accident.

We take quick action by collecting evidence of the accident and the cause of it, producing concrete proof of your innocence and making your house owner pay for the consequence. We also try to find out if there were similar cases with previous renters of the house. With apt collection of information we solidify our proofs against your house owner. The Law Office of Matthew Shrum makes sure that you are fully compensated for the injury.

Legal matters as such may appear to be tricky and you will often find opposing parties diverting you from the actual cause, all for their own benefit. Therefore, contact us for any such inconvenience and allow us to bring proper justice to you.

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