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Property Damage Lawyer in Austin, Texas

 Property Damage Lawyer in Austin, Texas

Need a Lawyer For a Property Damage Charge in Austin?

If you’re been charged with a property crime in Austin, give us a call today. Our property crime attorney serves Austin and all of Travis County. A property crime charge in Texas can affect now only your personal life but also your work and social life. Reach out to us today for a free consultation via phone, email, live chat or text. The Texas Penal Code defines property crime as a crime that involves the violation of another individual’s right to his or her possessions. This can be through destruction of property or property theft. Being accused of a “property crime” is more of an umbrella term however, as there are numerous potential charges you may be facing. Depending on the nature of the incident, charges may include but are not limited to; theft, criminal mischief, identity theft, arson, fleeing the scene of a crime or accident, and vandalism to name a few. In many cases, the person who is being accused of or charged with property-related crimes may not be aware of the severe consequences that could accompany their actions if they are convicted. This is especially true for a large number of claims that are filed against a juvenile or young adult.

Property Crime Offenses & Penalties in Texas

Criminal punishments for property related crimes do vary, based upon the nature of the alleged crime. If an individual has been accused of theft or property damage that is valued between $1,500 and $19,999, or credit card abuse (theft), the offender may face a state felony that is punishable by a 180 day or 2-year jail sentence and a maximum fine of $10,000 once convicted. A similar punishment includes being charged with a third-degree felony and serving between 2 and 10 years in prison after an individual has been charged with theft or property damage that is valued between $20,000 and $99,999. If damaged property value ranges between $100,000 and $199,999, or an individual is being accused of aggravated assault or reckless injury of a child, the accused may face a second-degree felony charge that can require spending up to 20 years in prison.

Your Options If You’ve Been Charged With Property Damage

Just because you have been accused of a property crime such as those mentioned here, or any other property-related crimes, does not mean you are forced to face a potentially devastating criminal conviction. Each case is unique and with the right attorney at your side, it is possible to diminish or dissolve many accusations in the courtroom. The state prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused holds sole responsibility for each element of the crime in question. If numerous parties are involved, the prosecutor is then challenged with correctly identifying the responsible party for each specific crime that took place during the incident or proves beyond a reasonable doubt that each party is responsible for an equal amount of property damage. Providing enough reliable evidence to support such claims can be rather difficult. Evidence cannot be accepted by the judge or the jury if it is deemed circumstantial or of irrelevant nature. If the defense attorney can successfully cast even the smallest amount of doubt into the minds of the judge and the jury, the court must reduce the criminal charges in question. In many cases, charges could be completely dismissed due to a lack of sufficient evidence, inaccurate identification of probable cause, or because the accused has not been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Facing any charge can be an intimidating event, but luckily you do not have to experience it alone. If you have been arrested or are currently being charged with any property related crime such as the ones listed above, now is the time to give The Law Office of Matthew Shrum a call for your free, no-hassle consultation. Our dedicated legal advocates will actively listen to your encounter and engage in an informational conversation in the effort to fully understand every aspect of the incident. We know just how important the smallest details could be when things boil down to the final verdict of a case. All of the gathered information will help our team to develop an informative and educated strategy that will be executed in your defense. The Law Office of Matthew Shrum has almost two decades of the legal expertise and knowledge that is necessary to ensure your voice is not only heard but understood by every member of the jury. Give us a call today at 512-777-0000 and let our professionals lift the heavy burden of property charges off of your shoulders.

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