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 Lawyer For Juvenile Crimes in Austin

The very moment that a juvenile has been accused of committing a criminal offense is the moment their future resides in the hands of a judge or jury. Any plans of college, career choices, and even travel can come to a screeching halt that is replaced with a feeling of worry and uncertainty. In Texas, a juvenile who has been accused of committing a criminal offense is considered a criminally responsible child if they are between the ages of 10 and 16 years old. The majority of juvenile cases are handled by the juvenile courts or the municipal courts. However, if the offense is severe enough a juvenile may be tried as an adult. If you or your child have been accused or are being charged with a juvenile offense, it is of the utmost importance that the person(s) responsible for the child reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Consequences for Juvenile Crimes in Austin, Texas

Potential consequences for criminal offenses that have been committed by a juvenile include temporary suspension of driver’s license, revocation of driving privileges, incarceration in a state detention facility for a predetermined amount of time, counseling, probation, community service, court-mandated substance abuse treatment, inability to apply for higher education at some colleges or educational programs, ineligibility for specific jobs, and a criminal record that the child will carry with them throughout the remainder of their life. Luckily, a juvenile offender may not have to face such serious consequences, even if they have been adjudicated. Our team of legal advisors at the Shrum Law Office may be able to have your sentence reduced, the punishment minimized, and even help you to receive deferred adjudication or alternative sentencing depending on your case. Forms of alternative sentencing options can include the required enrollment and successful completion of a youth program specialized to fit the needs of underaged offenders, supervised or unsupervised probation, or increased community service hours. Our main goal for juvenile cases that have resulted in a guilty verdict is to ensure that the life-long success of an underage offender is not compromised by one mistake. The experts at the Shrum Law Office will work tirelessly to establish a punishment that does not result in a permanent criminal record for the accused. Not only is entering the juvenile court system intimidating for those who enter, but court proceedings can be overwhelming for the parents of the accused as well. While parents do have certain fundamental rights and responsibilities concerning their child, they may not understand these rights and responsibilities to the fullest extent. This could lead to a lot of confusion and added stress, increased penalties for the parents of the accused, and many missed opportunities for relief during the court proceedings. The legal professionals at the Shrum Law Office will take the necessary time to explain your rights as the parent of a child that has entered the juvenile court system, as well as any requirements the state has placed upon the parental unit(s) during this time. As a parent, you have the right to speak at certain hearings, the right to see your child in person, the right to be notified immediately of your child’s arrest and the reason for the arrest, and you have the right to obtain a lawyer as your child’s representative does not represent you. The court will require your full compliance and your help with encouraging your child to comply with any juvenile court orders that are set in place. According to section 51.115 of the Texas Family Code, the parents, legal guardians, or responsible party of the accused must attend each hearing as well. Failure to do so may result in further consequences for the parents, including but not limited to a large fine or time in jail.

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The idea of relying on a court-appointed attorney may seem sufficient enough for many individuals, but the reality is that many court-appointed attorneys are juggling numerous cases which leaves little time for them to become fully acquainted with your case. Call the Shrum Law Office at 512-777-0000 to speak with a legal advisor that has the same dedication to your health, safety, and overall well-being, as we do finding the best possible defense strategy for your case.

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