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Getting charged with driving under influence, or more commonly known as DUI, is considered a major crime. The reason for this happens to be the lives you put under threat while driving down the road in an intoxicated manner, including your own. According to reports, almost 30% of DUI cases end up in fatal car crashes, which is a significant percentage if you take a close look into it.

You must be wondering when someone is charged of DUI. Well, when you are caught driving under the influence, you will have to undergo a test which shows the concentration of alcohol in your blood. If your blood alcohol concentration exceeds 0.08, then that is when you are likely to be charged with a driving under influence case. Back in the time, DUI was considered to be a minor offense with insignificant penalties. However, with the advancement of time, increased road accidents and more accurate record-keeping, people now know how important it is to be sober while driving. Moreover, you would not want to risk your life anyways due to a drunk driver dashing through the roads.


What are the consequences of a DUI charge?

If you are found guilty for driving under influence, you might have to spend a lot from your pockets in terms of fines and surcharges. You may also be put into a DUI/DWI (driving while intoxicated) school and at worst, also be dragged into the jail.

Are DUI charges only limited to motor vehicles?

The answer to this is no. You can be charged with DUI if you are flying an aircraft, riding a boat, operating a train or any amusement park rides. All of these activities are a threat to the lives of huge crowds of people, so why the consequences can be quite devastating as well.

How much is paid in fines by drunk drivers?

Unfortunately, millions are paid by drivers charged with DUI in the United States. The amount is huge and apart from just paying fines, some also undergo severe levels of punishment based on the complexity of their case.

How is a DUI case made more complicated?

Upon getting charged with DUI, you must be polite to the officer and not argue with them. Showing an ill attitude to them may complicate your case and show that you are not sorry for your illegal behavior. Moreover, if you create a chaos on the street while drunk driving may also go on to complicate the overall case.

When given a choice, should you take the blood or the breath test?

If you are given the opportunity to choose between blood test and breath test, then go for the latter. Breath tests are usually less accurate and may show inaccurate blood alcohol concentration in the body. This, although rarely, but can save you from receiving severe punishments related to DUI.

Can mouthwash fade away the smell of alcohol?

Many people tend to rinse their mouths using a mouthwash post drinking and then attempt to drive. However, using a mouthwash clearly does not help since it too, contains alcohol and may contribute towards making the smell of alcohol coming from your mouth even stronger. If testes post drinking and rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash, the alcohol content in the final reports may tend to be seen at higher rates, putting you at a greater risk of getting charged with DUI instead of saving you from it.

How long shall I wait post drinking?

In order to drive back home after consuming alcohol, you must wait at least for 1 and a half to 2 hours. This is the least you could do as this time is required by your body to get rid of the alcohol content. Therefore, even if you are tested after this time-frame, you are most likely to be good to go with blood alcohol content below 0.08.

How probable is it to get caught by a DUI inspecting cop?

Well, cops usually charge drunk drivers of DUI during the night. While there are many people driving down the roads during nighttime, the cops usually pick out and check drivers with cars which are not very well-maintained. Broken headlights and tail lights, unlicensed cars and expired vehicle registrations mostly trigger cops of the driver being careless while driving which in turn obliges them to undergo the DUI test.

Are the charges for DUI and DWI different in Texas?

The offenses may be similar, but the charges for the two are different in this state. DUI refers to driving under influence whereas DWI is the abbreviated form of driving while intoxicated.

All in all, DUI is a criminal offense at the end of the day and may change one’s life drastically if put behind the bars. It may not only tarnish your reputation but also cost you a hefty sum in the form of fines. Therefore, it is the best to take the help of an expert DUI/DWI attorney to fight for you and make sure you are free from the above-mentioned dangers.

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