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Prescription drug abuse might not seem like a serious offense, but you could be facing significant consequences if you’re charged with possession. You should retain a prescription drug attorney right away if you need legal support. The Law Office Of Matthew Shrum is here to help.

Attorney Shrum handles drug possession cases of all types in Austin, TX, including those involving prescription drug abuse. Call today to schedule a meeting with attorney Shrum.

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prescription drugs lawyer austinPrescription drug abuse can involve any type of controlled substance, such as alprazolam, hydrocodone or oxycodone. You can be charged with prescription drug possession if:

  • The prescription was forged
  • The prescription wasn’t in your name
  • You don’t have any prescription for the drug at all

The Law Office Of Matthew Shrum can help you understand all of these factors and answer any questions that come up during the course of your case. Call his office in Austin, TX now to discuss your case with a drug possession attorney.

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