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Child Abuse Lawyer Austin – Travis County Child Neglect Charge

Texas takes domestic and family violence cases very seriously, especially when the charge involves a child. If you have been accused of child abuse in Travis County, reach out to our child abuse charge attorney in Austin immediately. Texas child abuse laws condemn physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment of minors and furthermore require certain third-parties with information about the abuse in order to report it to the authorities. Our law firm will hear your side and our experience staff will work with you to help you find your options. We will fight for your case and give it the time and attention it needs.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Requirements Texas

Texas law requires that anybody with knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect should report it to the concerned authorities immediately. This reporting requirement is mandatory for all individuals, not limited to just schoolteachers or health physicians. This law is even extended to those individuals whose personal communications may be confidential or privileged, including doctors or nurses, members of the clergy and even attorneys. If you are aware of child abuse in Austin, you can contact your local DFPS office.

Where to Report Suspected Child Abuse in Austin, Texas?

Any suspected case of child abuse is to be reported to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). That office examines reports of child abuse and neglect in the State of Texas. 

Below fundamentals of Texas child abuse laws. 

Code Section Family 261.001 et seq. 

What Constitutes Abuse Inflicting or neglecting to sensibly keep others from inflicting mental or emotional injury weakening a kid’s development, advancement, or mental functioning; any physical injury bringing about considerable damage, or which is different than the clarification given; sexual abuse, misconduct, exploitation, utilization of controlled substance bringing about mental or physical harm to a child.

Compulsory Reporting Required By “Professionals” including instructors, medical caretakers, health specialists, daycare representatives, representatives of state-authorized associations with direct contact with kids, clergymen, psychological well-being experts, lawyers, reproductive health center workers, any individual.

Basis of Report of Abuse/Neglect Having justified cause to believe that the physical or mental health of a child has been or may be negatively influenced by abusive behavior or neglect. 

To Whom It May Be Reported Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services 

Punishment for Failure to Report or False Reporting Class B crime; Physical injury bringing about significant harm to the kid; mental or emotional injury; inability to forestall injury; destructive sexual conduct or pornography; failure to prevent utilization of controlled substance by a child. False report: Class A misdemeanor.

Note: State laws encompassing the issue of child abuse are continually changing –in order to check and verify the state laws you need to research, contact our defense attorney for more information.

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child abuse lawyer for austin texasParenting or working otherwise with children can prove to very debilitating and testing, yet there will never be a valid reason for child abuse. Notwithstanding, anybody accused of child abuse retains the right to protect and defend themselves in court. In case you’ve been accused of violating child abuse laws in the state of Texas, your best approach would be contacting our criminal defense lawyer. Shrum Law Office is an excellent law office that will help you vigorously defend your rights at each legal stage. They have extensive experience in dealing with almost all areas of criminal law.

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