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COVID-19 Corona Virus Quarantine Order Violation

It may be possible for you to be charged for going against your quarantine order, if you have been charged are attorney may be able to assist. As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Travis County climbs to three, the Austin-Travis County Health Authority is taking legal action against those ordered to quarantine in their residence .As new information comes out everyday, it is important to pay attention to current news, CDC information and stay aware. With much effort being put into prevention and reducing the spread of the coronavirus, people are being asked to stay indoors and cancel large gatherings.

How Austin is Affected by Corona Virus

While this virus affects individuals, it is also starting to affect businesses.

Austin has officially ordered dining rooms to stay closed.

Gyms have started closing due to risk of spreading the virus.

Schools will be closed until April 5th in AISD. (Information pending)

SXSW will be canceled.

All library branches will be closed

All non-essential Municipal Court dockets will be rescheduled

Austin Animal Center will be closed to the public.

Contact Us for Assistance During This Time with Coronavirus Legal Matters

Our law firm is here to assist you. If you have legal charges or concerns relating to coronavirus you may email or call us. As we get more information we will be updating our website for you and be providing as much information as possible. Please review the CDC website for all proper updates on the coronavirus.