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Need a Lawyer in Austin For a Rideshare/Uber/Lift Accident?

Ride-sharing companies like Uber have become really convenient for people across the globe. You do not need to have a car of your own anymore. You get to save up on the maintenance cost and diesel/petrol expenses. Whenever the need for you to travel by a car arises, all you do is open your trusted ridesharing app, set your location and wait for several minutes. That is it and shortly after, you get a text from your ride-share driver stating that your car has arrived.

Despite companies like Uber, Lyft, Via, etc. might have made travelling more comfortable and personalized, but meeting with an accident while receiving ride-share service can be pretty appalling. How would you react and what can you do to cope with such an unexpected situation?

These questions might pop up in your mind but you may be stuck there injured, and helpless. Thus, to bring you out of such terrible incident and provide you with full compensation, the Shrum Law Office is always at your service.

How You Can Fall Victim to Them 

They are no different from normal car accidents. The driver may not fully focus on the road while driving you to your destination, be a speed junky and dash through the streets or simply yet secretly be under the influence of alcohol or any mild drugs. These surely are illegal practices while driving, but post the accident, you might be blown away by the reaction of the firms that insure your ridesharing company.

The insurance firms will try to minimize their costs, and somehow try to tackle the situation by defending your reckless ride-share driver. They may overlook your injuries, find ways to blame you for distracting the driver and causing the accident or simply threaten you to not open up about this incident. In exchange, you might not receive the compensation you deserve, or get a very low amount of it.

The Law Office of Matthew Shrum Can Help If You’ve Been In a Ride Share Accident With Uber or Lyft in Austin

Whenever you face an Uber/ride-share accident, contact our car accident attorney immediately before things take a complicated turn. Do not let the influential companies shut you down. Our professional lawyers can present valuable arguments against the ride-sharing company and fight for your deserved compensation. We are here to save you from the traps that are usually laid by the companies and their insurers.

Our duty will be to take into account all the insurance deals that have been agreed by the ride-sharing company and the insurance firm. Our lawyers will then face the companies with adequate proofs to ensure your compensation and make the companies come into terms with their fault. With our guidance, you can put up a strong fight against such big companies and earn your right.

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