I am returning to school to obtain my bachelors degree in Human Services. I enjoy working with the public and believe I can make a difference in others lives especially in low poverty communities. This degree will be focused more on counseling families and children. Read More


My Objective of educational goals would have to be . I would like to gain funding to attend college as a Psychologist and take as much as I can to attain the knowledge I need to help people in different field and walk of life in General Psychology or Working with clients in the police Department I would like to teach people ways to deal with a problem with a certain way to do things in a positive matter before we talk about medication after I evaluate the client so we can learn to find ways to cope with a negative behavior or response in a positive way before we give medication to a client I would like to observe the client in more of a deeper way before medication and teach a positive response If needed of courses I would give medication to the client if the different ways didn’t work for the client I would like to fix a problem happening before it leads to a deeper problem I would like to see medication be used as a last thing to do if the client is not out of control and if the client can be controlled in a different manner Even a simple thing such as someone who can let go stress teach them ways to relax or methods a way to do something, herbs be active, or a simple thing to just breathe or count before a reaction to avoid a negative reaction and fix it from happening by learning things.

Rachael B.

A few months ago I finally worked up enough courage to apply for nursing school, and have since then been accepted into the PTI PN program starting in April 2016. After I complete the PN program, I plan to apply for the ASN program. I have been a Certified Medical Assistant for the past 6 years, but as a single mother the income is very hard to live on. Being a RN has always been my long term goal. I want to make a difference in not only me and my daughter’s life, but also within the lives of others. Read More


I am a single mom of two who has recently obtained her bachelor’s degree. I pursued such degree because my mom instilled in me the importance of education but also because a degree is needed in order to advance career-wise. I work for the US Government in an administrative support capacity. In order for me to move into a professional series that earns more salary and offers consistent performance-based promotion, I need to obtain a master’s degree to qualify for grade levels that are above my current level. I have the work experience and if that is coupled with a strong educational background I am sure to accomplish my goal of financial stability. Read More


As of right now I am going to school for an accounting degree. I am currently working on my bachelors and will work towards my masters. I am working towards to getting my CPA and working within a prestigious accounting firm. Read More


My name is Laveda, I am striving to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with inference on Premedical. My dream is to become an Internal Medicine Physician so, so after obtaining my bachelors; I would like to enroll in medical school. Read More


I am a high school senior living in Illinois, graduating in May (2016) and have been accepted into a nursing program at a nearby commuting friendly college I feel I fit perfectly in. I have a passion towards nursing because of the variety of positions it offers and defines the kind of person I want to become. I want to be able to disregard my financial situation (if only it was that easy) and resolve my problem with applying to scholarships. When I came upon this opportunity, it was the perfect match for me because I connected to this prompt so deeply. With grace and integrity, I hope I can keep my goals held high and become the nurse I deserve to be. Read More

Jessica K.

I am wanting to further my education to achieve a better position within my company now that I work for. I want to be able to give my kids everything that they ask for instead of saying no I can’t do it right now. We have to wait til next payday and see what happens then. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck in order to survive. My mother was a single mother up until she passed away in 2014. My mother made sure my sister and myself had everything. She didn’t let us see her struggle or showed any signs that we were broke. I want to be like my mother, but better and help my family out.

Being able to achieve this scholarship will do wonders for myself because I don’t have any other way to pay for school and continue my education. I hope I am considered and given the opportunity to get the scholarship. Read More


Hi, I am trying to get my degree in Human Services. I am currently a foster parent and deal with children with and without disabilities, and would like to further my education to be able to contribute more in helping children with all the difficulties that they encounter on a daily basis. Read More

Nina G.

I plan to go to school for my education degree. I’ve always saw it fit to be a teacher. I love children and helping them understand new things. I especially love teaching fine arts, it’s something I hold dear to my heart. I’ve grown up and learned so many things from so many different people. I want to be the one who impacts a child’s life the same way. Read More


There are many struggles with being a single mom. The most difficult would have to be raising 2 children and having to go through breast cancer. My children are amazing and with out a doubt will succeed in this world. I have given them the foundation to be great kids and understand that a college degree is the most important goal in their life. I have worked full-time and obtained a 2 year degree. My children have been through the struggles with me in trying to raise them, work and taking night classes. My kids are awesome for being so understanding even when it came to eating a frozen pizza for dinner or a sandwich for the 3rd night in a roll. But the best part of being a mom is when they ask “how was your day” Read More

Cynthia S.

Being a single mother has pushed me to start a career in order to support my children and myself, and i admit that i cant do it without help. I’m trying to take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way.I hope my essay helps you understand a little about my family and me and the struggles we have faced. Read More


I have been accepted into Chestnut Hill College to persue my BA in Human Services along with my BS in Psychology. I will begin fall 2016 after graduating 5/14/16 with honors from Harcum College with an AA in Human Services. Any scholarship funds awarded to help defray the cost of my educational pursuits would be extremely appreciated.


My name is Tammi M. I am a single mother of a 4 year old girl. I have completed most of my education journey already however I have very limited income and exhausted all of potential avenues to help me finish paying for my last semester for achieving my Bachelors Degree In Business Management focusing on the Human Resources. I was an A student earning my name on the list of Argosy University’s Honor Roll twice and the President’s List in which I am very proud of my hard work and dedication. Read More


Hello, let me start by introducing myself. My name Viridiana F. I’m a single mother of a one year old. I’m furthering my education to set a good example for him. Provide a better future for myself and my son. I’m currently a freshman at Brown Mackie College. Striving for an Associate in Criminal Justice. My plans for the future is to become a police officer. Hopefully, getting promoted to the S.W.A.T. team, that’s the goal. In the future, once I’ve received my Associated I’ll be continuing with my Bachelor’s. I’m very goal oriented and consistent. I’m very confident that in the future years I’ll concur my goal. Read More


I am a single mother of 3 children pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. I am in need of loan money to pay for school and having a scholarship to offset the cost reduces the amount I would have to borrow each academic year. I hope to use my degree to help others improve their lives and to be a leader and advocate in their community. Life is about how you see yourself and not allowing others to decide who you are nor what you can aspire to become. If is never too late to make a change for better. I am looking to not only make a change for myself and my family but for my community as a whole. Read More


I am continuing to set an example to my three children. I think by them seeing that I am attempting to continue with my education even at my age that they will follow. My youngest is putting herself through college full time and keeping a full time certified Life Guard job with the county. I would like to finish my AS degree. I am six classes from getting it and then I can work towards a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. I just completed the Police Academy and am currently in the hiring process of a local agency. I think my age is my only hindering factor. If I do not get this position, I will use my degree towards a full time position in that field. I am not going to give up. I owe it to my children to lead by example. My essay is not so much an essay as it is a small, a very small gimps of some of the obstetricals I’ve over come. this was for a class I just started. Read More


As of today I am a full time Nursing Student at Carrington College for Nursing here in Reno Nevada. Six months ago I was working in the Emergency Department as a full time employee working 4-5 twelve hour shifts a week. I have two amazing little girls whom are 8 and 10. They were my motivation to take the Nursing entrance exam in June 2015. On faith and luck, I was one of the 36 excepted out of 750 applicants in August. I work part time due to strict school demands in order to keep my grades up. Read More


I am a single mother with no support system. I am trying so hard to take care of my children. I could not attend school for a very long time because I had to wait until they got older, but now I am going to continue to go to school for them no matter how long it takes. I not only want to go to school and finish for myself but I want to lead by an example. I would like to go to school until I get my master, that’s if life permits me to, but I am not going to give up. I believe that there is hope for me. Read More


My purpose for continuing my education is to be able to provide better for my children with good steady employment. To be able to show my children what hard work and continuing education can help in life. Read More


I am a current resident of North New Jersey attending online schooling at Kaplan University to receive my BA in Behavioral Science, and majoring in Psychology in Addictions. I am currently looking for Scholarships to build a foundation on my future financially. Being a single mother of a six month old son, I have my Priorities in mind for the future. In order to provide a life for my son, I needed to further my Education. The reason why I chose my major was because I am also a recovering Addict. I Want to eventually become a Substance Abuse Counselor and receive my CADC license. I have been searching for Scholarships that fit my circumstances as a Single Parent. Attached is my Essay about me and my goals and difficulties as a Single Parent. Read More


My educational objectives are simple. I am currently perusing my Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing. Once I have obtained my Bachelor’s I am going to continue my education by perusing my degree in eMarketing. It is important to me that I learn everything I can about Marketing in order to do the job I want to. It is my goal to maintain a degree in Communications from there. This will allow me flexibility in the field. This flexibility will help me perform various duties for the company I work for in the future. To me the more I can do to assist the company the better. Read More


I am excited for my future and I am glad to share my childhood memories with you, I hope you enjoy reading my life in this short essay, I wanted to keep writing more and more about the obstacles I had in my life as a teenage mother, but if I did I would have to write a short book. Read More


Thank you for the opportunity to further my education. Read More


My financial goal in applying is to aide in my graduation from Grand Canyon University, successfully begin my work in ministry and show my children what success is. I have a previous debt from Kaplan University for a medical degree and would like to work on decreasing that debt as well as the accruing debt for my current degree. Having a balance of $1,000 less with GCU would help me to start paying off my current debt sooner as well. Thank you for your time and consideration from me as well as everyone else you may help with your generosity. Read More


My educational and career objectives are to finish nursing school and gain a few years of experience while working towards my doctorate degree to conduct research. Eventually I want to help find a cure for serious illnesses like AIDS or cancer. It has always been a dream of mine to help reduce the number of heartaches families get from losing a loved one. That is part of why I want to be a nurse; to save lives! I want to leave behind history and I know it is possible. Read More


I have been attending the University of Phoenix (UoP) to receive my EDD. I raised my two daughters alone and now I have raised my oldest daughters 3 sons. I received my grandsons from foster-care in Ohio when they were 2,5,and 9. Because they were from Youngstown, Ohio, Jacksonville, Florida would not give me any assistance for them. They would not adjudicate them, so my struggle began. My Educational goals are to become a instructor for young adults attending college for the first time that are slow learners. And for Young single mothers who are trying to make a life for themselves and their families. Read More


Being a single parent is never easy, you are first with so many twist and turns in life. However keeping the faith and having a support system can ease some of that burden. Read More


I am a single mother of two beautiful children, I work full time as a C.N.A, sometimes working two or three Jobs to provide for my family. I want to be able to give my children the best I can and set an example of the importance, necessity of a higher education. Since my children see me work so hard to give them everything I can and provide a nice safe home, food, warmth, and all the niceties I can on my own. I know my children will have strong good work ethics and now I want to set an example for them to continue their education and Graduate from College too. I am currently working as a C.N.A. since 2003 doing home health and hospice, I absolutely love caring for others and the majority of individual’s I care for have been and are our wounded Veterans, which I am honored to do so. I am now continuing my education to get my Bachelor’s in Science so I can continue to help care for others, but be able to do even more for them by having a higher education, and with it better stability financially for my family. I do not receive any government assistance and work hard for everything I have in this world this scholarship would help me so much financially to pay for my some of my tuition costs at Colorado Christian University where I currently study and have a 3.3 GPA. Thank you for this opportunity to apply for this scholarship and if I win I can tell you that I will continue to pay it forward by caring for others throughout the healthcare field. Read More

Sincerely, Kelli

Hi, my name is Alison S. I am a 21 year old mother to a 2 year old son. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix to pursue a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I have high hopes in my field of interest. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one to get offered full rides and scholarships right out of high school to colleges like some friends were. So, eventually after working dead-end jobs barely making ends meet I decided it was time to get back to school and further my education for a brighter future for my son and myself. I am dedicated to furthering my education and becoming a better person with a more rounded life. I live in a small town called Vanceburg of Lewis County, Kentucky. The jobs here are limited and none of which pays good enough to make a living for a single mother. Most people in this town have to travel around for better paying jobs. For me, I don’t have the opportunity to right now because of my financial situation. To me, I would be honored to be able to receive scholarship’s. I have never been offered one in my life. I couldn’t appreciate the help enough and really hope I can make requirements to be given this opportunity. Read More


I am a motivated single mother of four children finishing my undergraduate degree in Social Work. I have been accepted to University of Southern California School of Social Work Fall 2016 to complete my Master of Social Work degree. Read more here


I have been a single mother the entire life of my oldest child who is now 23 years old. I have not stopped furthering my education. My goal of becoming a registered nurse has eluded me 3 years in a row. So I have decided to continue helping people, but in the field of psychology, also a passion of mine. I plan on being a full time student during this process as well as working full time. I know this will be a challenge, but with great challenges come great rewards. Read more here


My goal is to earn an education that my children can be proud of. It is my dream to show them that they can grow to become strong and smart women who can live a life without limits if they work hard for it. I will soon begin what will be my last term in a two and a half year journey towards earning by Bachelor’s degree in accounting. I do not plan to stop there, however. I have already applied to the Master’s program and intend to sit for the CPA exam in the next few years. Read more here


My name is Ashleigh B, I am 19 years old and live in Norman Oklahoma. I graduated with the class of 2015, and was the valedictorian of Insight school of Oklahoma. I have had a 3.9-4.0 since my senior year. I am currently attending Oklahoma City Community College, and have been since last fall. I am working toward my associate’s degree, and eventually hope to obtain my bachelors. I am very interested in forensic science and criminology, and want to attend UCO (University of Central Oklahoma) to make my dream come true. I am a full time mother, I work 8-5 every day except the two days I go to school, and those days I leave work at 4:30, and go to night school. I work as a nanny, and thankfully get to keep my daughter with me each day. I want to finish school and get a job in forensics as soon as I can. Read more here

Ashleigh B.

I am wanting to start my Masters in Mental Health. I have received an Associates from a local community college and received my Bachelor in Psychology from The University of Phoenix online program. I am waiting to see if I could get funds to start my maestros’ and one day have a Ph.D. My goal is the have a Ph.D. in by the time I am 31 years old. I am currently 26. Read more here


Hello my name is Sharon Williams and I would like to be considered for your scholarship for Single Mothers.
I have been a single mother since 2011. I have two boys ages 17 and 8. I am currently a full time Store Manager. My job is a salary job and I work a minimum of 50 hours a week. I am regisgered for the Spring quarter at the local Community College and I plan to attend every quarter until I receive my BA in Social Services. Unfortunately my current job is not flexable enough for me to attend school full time so I will need to find one that will work with my school schedule even if it mean going to work with fast food again. Since FASFA goes by your income I will have to pay a good part of my schooling. Since I am single and have one income I used my income tax return to pay off my credit cards and I have one payment on one loan because I know that taking a job with more flexable hours so I can attend school full time will either mean I will get paid less, receive less hours, or the combination of both. I know there will be financial burden with taking a lower paying job but the outcome will be worth it. Being chosen for this schlorship will help with some of that financial burden. Thank you for your consideration and thank you for making this schlorship available for single mothers. Read More Here


Hello My name is Rocio and this scholarship would mean world for me and my girls. This scholarship would be the make or break for me. Going to a University is my biggest dream but money is a huge factor for me because i have to support my daughters on my own. I have no help from family, I would love to be able to make my daughters proud and get my bachelor’s . Thank you for taking the time to read my essay i really hope you enjoy it! Read more here


My goal is to be able to provide for myself and my child by obtaining an education in a field that works for a single mom. I have experience working in the social work field for about 12 years and following the death of my husband, learned that the career no longer fit my needs. I have already returned to school and have taken classes towards a career in dental hygiene with a current GPA of 4.0. Read more here


Currently I am attending a community college and I’m in my second semester as a nursing student.  I plan to graduate the community college program and transfer to a University to obtain my Bachelor’s in Nursing.  I plan to continue to work as a nurse while pursing my degree.  After graduating from the Bachelor’s program I will continue my education at the university for my Master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner.


I am a single mother of three girls. My girls are nine, seven and one year old. My mother passed when I was 16 years old. She passed at home in front of us. The passing took a whole chunk of me. I decided I was going into the healthcare field. I started as a cna in 2004. I love being able to be supporting, loving and caring for the patients as well as their family. We had no support with our family. I want to be able to help in times of need. I am now on my way of obtaining my lpn. And to reach the top goal is a rn so I can open a supportive, loving and caring home health agency. Read more here


My name is Alexandria. I am a single mother. I have a 3 month old daughter Isabella. We currently live in California but will be making the move to Arizona in July. I will be beginning my MA in American Studies at Arizona State University. I plan on using my MA to become a teacher at a community college. I enjoy all types of writing and would like to get some of my work published. One of my dreams is to create a book out of my collection of poetry I have written myself. A lot of my poems reflect on my struggles as well as the good times I have experienced.

I am excited yet nervous to begin graduate school. I know that there will be many obstacles along the way but I am ready to take them head on. I am thankful for this opportunity to be able to earn this scholarship. Thank you!


My name is Amber, I am currently a CNA at a nursing home on the weekends, and work at a community bank during the week. I have two beautiful babies on top of all of that work. It has been my goal to become a Nurse since I was 14. Now being 21, I am finally pushing forward with my goals. I plan to become an LPN (already accepted into the program) then pursue RN school afterwards. Read more here

Amber H.

My educational objectives are simple: finish what I started and finish strong! Life has tried its best to knock me down, but I am not out yet. I have to show my son, not only the importance of education, but the importance of pressing forward, against all odds! As his father has chosen not to be a part of his life, I am the only role model he has. He needs to see that anything worth having is worth working for and if Mama can do it, working full time, so can he! Read more here

Lakesha M.

My name is Sara M and I am 20 years old. I have been working since I was 17, bought my very own car and soon after I was taking on the world. With all that freedom I put myself in a bad place, didn’t care about anything, didn’t have any responsibility’s, all I cared about was partying and getting myself into trouble. When I got pregnant at 19 years old I didn’t know at the time that my son was a true blessing in disguise. I didn’t go into my pregnancy thinking I was going to end up a single mom. Hearing his heart beat for the first time I knew I had to get my life together because soon someone was going to be relying on me for everything. I worked extra long hours and extra days as a server so that I could make enough money as possible before my son came. My son was born March 6, 2015. It has been the hardest, most stressful and tiring work I have ever had to do. It has also been the most rewarding, happiest time. Having my son has taught me so many things, if it wasn’t for him I would not be where I am today with knowledge, a great job, my own house, and the lessons I have learned with him teaching me how to be a better person every single day so that one day he can be proud to call me his mommy. I wouldn’t trade being a single mother for anything, some days are harder than others and some days I want to give up but my son has taught me to be stronger and want more for myself. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go back to school to further my education so that one day I can put him through college.

Sara M.

My name is April Moses, I live in Arkansas, I am a single mother of two beautiful children, I am 33 years old and first time attending college, I am currently going for business, So I can own my own business to stay at home with my children, I have one boy which autistic and one little girl she very smart. I want to own my business in the future so my children can have a bright and successful future and one day send my kids to collage!

April M.

my goal educational goal is to become the first person in my family to attend and finish college.

Raven L

My educational objective is to earn my post baccalaureate certificate in paralegal studies.  I have a bachelor’s of science degree in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Read more here

Lois W.

I just started my Criminal Justice Associate’s Degree in January of 2016. In one semester I have already completed a third of the program. I plan to finish next spring. I will then transfer to Lees McRae and start my Bachelor’s Degree. I will start the BLET program next year and become a police officer. I am also interested in working in the prison system. I am going to see where my work as an officer takes me before committing to the prison. The thought of getting my Master’s Degree has recently entered the back of my mind.

Beth L.

I am a single mother of my handsome 7 month old child. I work full time a dairy queen. I have procrastinated with school for awhile I finally got my GED on February 26th 2016 and I have always wanted to go to school and become a nurse for children or a midwife. I know I wont be able to go to school if I don’t find ways to help and I can not keep working at dairy queen cause life of cost are getting more expensive and I would like to better myself and my sons life, and becoming something that I have always wanted I think would be wonderful chance to be accept with your scholarship and you helping me make a better life for not just me but for my son. so he can grow up with a mom that can show him it takes time to come up in life and you have to work hard for everything, and that college and a career is the best thing in life for him also to do when he gets older. and I want to make a future for both of us. college is the only way to go.

Sierra S.

I expect from going to school to get the knowledge that I need to get a career. I want a teacher to be patient with me to comprehend that is going to be my first time going to college. I want to be able to understand and get good grades on my test from school. I want to make friends while going to school I want school to be part of my family I want to be able to trust in them. Read more here

-Vivian S

Through my college experience I intend to gain many things. For one, a perspective gained by experience and rationality rather than the say-so of others around me. My greatest intention, though, is to make a significant impact on a student that truly believes they are incapable of perseverance. From personal experience, I know the difference that a teachers faith can make in a child’s life. Read more here

When I graduated high school in 2013, I did not want to go back to school. After I had my son, I knew I had to go back. I couldn’t work menial jobs for the rest of my life. I think I have changed what I wanted to do at least a hundred times. I have finally decided on being an accounting major because out of all the classes that I took in my 13 years of school, math was always my favorite. I’m good with problem solving, numbers, and figuring out how to find X. Of course there were other classes that I enjoyed, but math would probably be my favorite. I plan on getting my associates, then my bachelors, and hopefully my masters in accounting.

Alexandrea P.

I will be going back to school to further my career as an LPN. I will have a hugh amount of homework and no time with the kids, But they do understand that it will be all worth it in the end. Read more here

Selina D.

I am a 36 yr old single mother. I am currently a Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in Ohio. Although I love helping people in my current profession, I would love to go back to school for cosmetology. It has always been a dream. I want to make my son proud and show him with hard work and determination anything is possible.
Read more here

Andrea N.

My education objectives include getting my Associates Degree in Nursing and getting a better paying job so I can better provide for my son and I. I then would like to further my education by getting my Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

Kayla P.

I’m 22, I have two kids. My first son, Aydan is almost four years old. I got pregnant my senior year of high school and walked across stage at 32 weeks pregnant. I had complications throughout my pregnancy which put me on bedrest for two weeks. I stayed after school and caught up on my schoolwork, so I was able to graduate. My second son, Carson, is almost three months old. He almost didn’t make it. They are my miricle babies. Please help me make a better life for my children.

Shanaa A.

I want to be able to further my education so that one day I can put my son through school.
Read more here

Sara M.

I loathe the thought of being a “Single Mother” but it’s true on paper. When I file my taxes I check the box: Single. When I give the number of people in my home (my family), I write “2” for my 6-year old daughter and myself. Since I was fifteen, I knew marriage would suit me but for as long as I’ve been a Mother it just hasn’t happened yet.

Nonetheless, I’m an undergraduate with a bit of unfinished work ahead of me. That’s right, I’ve got a few loose ends that I’m dying to tie up into a sweet little pretty red bow that evokes a rose in bloom. I’m a film major with an anthropology minor even if I have to change majors to appease my desire to walk across the stage at a university that’s accepted me (and I can afford). That is, if I can haul my rear in gear and apply for financial aid and more.

I have ambitions indeed. The Free University of Berlin is calling me to complete their masters program in Visual Arts and Anthropology-just finish your undergrad Mercedez. I want to move on, grow, develop my career as a film professor, prosper, expose my children (I have an older daughter) to the world through my efforts. I want to learn German or any other foreign language.

I must grow, I need to grow and I have a knack for creating my own most difficult challenges. I wish for a life where my husband would support me and back me up, our kids and such. My grandfather was like that in many ways for my grandmother. He encouraged her to get her driver’s license at age 30 and return to high school which she did all with a head full of silver-white hair. But she was a single mother too-I didn’t know this until grandpa’s funeral and mom saw their marriage license which was dated a few months after MY parents tied the knot.

I wish for a better life.

Mercedez G.

It’s hard being a single mom and trying to get the career path you want. Being a mom comes first always, but there comes a time when I have to reset my goals to make her life better. My plan is to go to cosmetology school and get my license doing hair/make up. After graduation I plan to work under someone until I get the experience I need.3 years later I will have my own small salon boutique along with my own hair extension line and eyelash brand. I will have my empire that could possibly pass on to my daughter if she wants it. I grew up with not a lot and my mom having to struggle to feed and cloth me. I need this scholarship to help me build my future so my child doesn’t have to know what its like struggle.

Ashley T.

Is it hard being a single mother and trying to get focused on school? YES!! Yes it is but I have four amazing children at a young age of 24 years and because of my decision of having them four babies, I now work extremely hard to give them the best that they deserve. Now with a job like the one I have as a drive thru attendant I can’t support my kids and I really want to better my self to better their living conditions and raise them the best way possible. That is the reason why I am applying for this scholarship today; to help pay my school so I can have a better job one day. Thank you.

Irene H.

As a single parent of 6 kids, 2 grown and out of the home I have survived domestic violence and work a full time job.  I started school last February but had to withdrawal because I had to pawn my laptop to pay for my electric bill.  I did enroll in Walden University, online just awaiting finalization.  I have such a drive to succeed and one day make my kids proud!!!  Even though they tell me they are proud… I will keep going.

Tammy W.

I am currently expecting my first child. I have been working full time and going to school part time while trying to finance my education expenses on my own. Now I am looking to get into school full time and could really use the help financially. I am trying to make a better life for me and my child and am very grateful for any help I will receive. I intended to start my family after I was done with school; however, I am 34 and was approaching a situation where my pregnancy would have been considered high risk if I was to wait any longer. I hope to be considered for this scholarship because any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

Amy M.

I am looking for this grant to comtinue my education in the criminal justice field so that i can have a better job md promising future for my children. this will help me get ahead and make my children proud. I am currently enrolled in criminal justice but no sure what i would like to do with my degree as i see times are getting rougher and sometimes its scary to think of the world we live in today.  i hope that i am able to make an impact in the future and the lives of others so that my kids and all kids in genrations to come can have a safe place to call home.

Kara A.

I have been a single mom for the past 15 years.  I have attempted college twice and both times due to the demands of two jobs and three kids I have been unable to complete my degree.  Now that two of the kids are high school graduates, I feel I am able and ready to return to school so I can further my career in Health Care Administration.

Tracee S.

I  would like to take the time to thank you for allowing single mothers further their education with extra help in funding. My father is from Abilene, Texas. But I have only met him once since I turned 18. Well again, thank you. I hope you take my story in consideration. Have a good day. Read more here

I would like to obtain a degree from Columbus State Community College in the computer science field. I would like to become a computer programmer and in the future be working from home so I can spend as much time with my son as possible, but without help this dream can not be a reality.

Tiffanee T.

As an instinctive management professional with over fifteen years of relevant business experience, I offer an unmatched array of experiences and achievements. I am a resourceful problem solver and team organizer with the ability to aggressively drive customer focused strategies in an efficient and profitable manner. I am naturally adept at managing change and am highly motivated to get my foot in the door and prove myself. Read more here

Steffany O

As a single mother continuing my education is very important not only will it make life for my daughter and myself better; it will give her a mind to never give up on anything. I believe life will always throw unexpected surprises but no one should ever give up on trying to become the best possible version in themselves.

Toneisha G.

hello my name is Tiffany B. i reside in Dayton,Ky where is live it is basically just a little dot on the map. Most of the people in our area do not further there education. I really want to show my son that just because I am a single mother I can still accomplish a great deal I want to set a great example for him so he sees no excuses no matter how big the problem is can not be achieved by hard work and determination. I recently became separated from his father and have not had the opportunity to find a job as of yet. He is in preschool and only is enrolled in classes for 3 hours a day and it makes it hard for me to find employment. I am enrolling in online classes right now so i can further my education while he is in school. In august he will start full time schooling and it will make it easier for me to find employment. I want him to have the best of everything. Please consider me for your scholarship I promise there is no way that i will let you down. I in no way want to become another statistic. Thank you so much for your time and i look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Tiffany B.

I am a single mother currently enrolled in Evergreen Beauty College striving to become a Master Esthetician. Making other people feel good in mind, body and soul is a guilty pleasure of mine, and to be able to find a career that meets that criteria. My son Oliver is 10 months old and its become undeniably how important finishing my program will be. On top of trying to make ends meet, I go to my school 30 hours a week and that time loss is very difficult to handle, but in the end I know it will be worth it. I appreciate the consideration.

Chantelle A.

I am a single mother of a special needs child. I currently work as a cna. I want to get my lpn to further my education and to provide better for my child.

Danielle S.

My plans are to get my major in Psychology and two minors in Education and Philosophy. I then plan on pursuing my Masters so that I can become a Veterans Counselor. I want to be able to learn as much as I am able to in order to better my career and broaden my knowledge and views in different areas that relate back to my major.

Stephanie J.

I am planning on transferring into a four year university, preferably UC Davis or CSU Bakersfield. As of now, my major is psychology and planning to receive my bachelor’s degree by Spring 2018. I am interested in the study of behavior and the mind, and I would like to use this knowledge to help domestic abuse victims and alcohol addicts overcome their pain. Also, I plan on continuing my education in an accelerated master’s program of Nurse Practitioner after graduating with my bachelor’s degree. This will help me further my passion to helping others, but in a medicine and health setting.

Yahary C.

I just had my son 4 months ago while still taking  classes at Westwood College i was just a few months away from completing my degree but the school has decided to shut it doors for good.  Ive exhausted my GI bill now I need all the help i can get i had to transfer schools and i lost some credits now i have to go an entire yr just to finish my degree.

Jaleesa H.

Hello my name is Shania M. and I am currently attending Keiser University I’m enrolled in the Associates program to become a Medical Assistant. I am a mother of 7 and I need additional assistance paying for school. It’s only me and my babies they are my only supporters & I love them so much. I also have an idea to open an after school program for kids. I know how hard it was for me when i had to work and go to school and I didn’t have anyone to help me out. I want to help out others so that we can all succeed. Once I have completed my Associates degree I will then enroll into Business Management. I want to take all the necessary requirements in order to run a successful business. My organization for my after school program is called We Are One Foundation. I would greatly appreciate receiving this scholarship to help better my career and educational path. Thank you

Shania M.

My educational objectives for the future include getting my Bachelor’s Degree in History and Education of a highschool level.  After a few years, I hope to advance to a Master’s Degree and hopefully start teaching at a college level.  Becoming a teacher has been one of my dreams, being able to help students and be open with them about the subject, and it is a good mother schedule for me.

Amanada J.

I had been out of school for almost 8 years from high school. Getting into school, I was already concerned. I had been in some horrible and unhealthy relationships that really tested me as a person, and showing what I could achieve. I am a single mother, taking care of my (now 6 year old) daughter all on my own. Battling being a full time mommy, a full time student that is overloading on classes while remaining to have good grades, working in my very little spare time to get money to pay bills, trying to fix my debt and credit, and caring for my mother has been a reoccurring challenge to overcome for me over the years without breakdown or being overworked/overwhelmed. This has been a major struggle for me through the years, both financially, mentally and physically. However, my daughter has been my biggest inspiration to motivating myself, and getting where I want to be in life and being able to provide for her the way she deserves.

I chose my major area of study because I want to help children, families, etc. all around the world. I have been through some unhealthy and abusive relationship through my life, and I understand the mindset and experiences that it takes being in that position. I never want to see any child or person go through that, like i did. If i can provide hope, safety, comfort, and relief to change an individuals life, thats what I want to do. I want to be able to provide an alternative option that they may have not recognized before, and provide any help I can to make their life that much better. I want to show them, that the position their in is not their fault, and that they don’t deserve the struggles that others take out on them. I just would like to help in any way I can.

In applying for this scholarship and if given the opportunity, I hope that it will provide me a little help to be able to fulfill my goals and career path and be able to help me achieve a position to help others.

Jenifer P.

I am requesting additional funding for the College I currently attend because it will help reduce the cost, I have waited many years to go back to school due to raising my 3 kids, I have perfect attendance with a 3.85 average for my major. I look forward to graduating this year and working in my field. Being a single parent has not been easy and it does take up much of your time with no room left for anything else. I am very excited to go back to school and love the major I am in which is Medical Coding and Billing, I am learning so much so fast in this quick paced course. I tried going back to school many years ago but couldn’t as I had to work to help support my family . Any funding you can assist with would be very helpful and I am grateful for your time .. Thank You

Tammy S.

I am back in school to achieve my goal of getting a more financially stable job. I have four kids and want them to see they can get to where they dream to be with dedication and motivation. Getting a good career is something I thought I could never do. I proved myself wrong.

Courtney N.

Good afternoon I am a single mother of a special needs child in NY. He is 3 years old and has learning and behavioral issues. I am looking to go back to school at the University of Phoenix for a certificate in Medical Billing. It would cost me out of pocket around $5000. I would like to try and get as many grants and scholarships that I can to keep the cost down. I would like to do this so I can get the degree and start going back to work once he attends kindergarden. I want a better life for my son and I and I want him to see he has a strong hard working mom who puts him first in everything that she does.
Some of the hardships I have had the last 3 years being a mom is not working and being with him 24/7. When he was a 18 months old he started getting early intervention for speech and his behavior. At one point we were getting services at least 6 times a week!! It was very heart breaking and frustrating to go through this process and still is because I want my son to thrive and be like the other kids his age. His  hyper active and behavior has caused to not be able to do fun activities with other kids his age. In return this has caused me to lose a lot of friends and to stay home with him all the time. Its a very lonely life when you have a special needs child when society looks at you like you have a problem.
I love my son more than life itself and for me to go back to school and better my self is the most important thing to me. I may not have been perfect in my life but he is making me want to do better for the both of us. I think its great that you are offering a scholarship to single moms and even if I don’t get it thank you for realizing single moms are hard working and trying to do make a better life for their kids.

Thank you for your time
Jessica L

I am a single mom of two children; ages 3 and 6. I got my associates degree in accounting 3 years ago. At the time I was working a part time job, work study, internship and taking 18 credits. I am now pursuing my bachelors then my masters degree in business administration. I work a full time position as an accounting clerk and just got accepted into a development program through my employer to learn and grow professionally. I want to be able to provide a better future for my children and be able to cut back working so much over time and still be able to provide for my children.

Britini G